Fanfarlo – ‘Let’s Go Extinct’

Fanfarlo - 'Let's Go Extinct'


Shades of Talking Heads' urbane funk make the Londoners' fourth album an entertaining listen

Fanfarlo’s third album, they claim, is an exploration of “human evolution and possible futures”. Big themes, and a big sound: all 10 songs here feel in danger of being overwhelmed by the sheer number of instruments thrown at them. Luckily, the Londoners boast an elegant lightness of touch. There are saxophones, clopping coconut shells, notes of Talking Heads’ urbane funk. Wistful chamber ballad ‘Painting With Life’ concludes with an urgent alarm of horns, while ‘Landlocked’ echoes Friendly Fires’ indie-dance hedonism with its maddeningly catchy artificial steel drums. Music this tasteful can often come off as bland. But there’s so much beauty on ‘Let’s Go Extinct’ that it could hardly be anything other than a delight.

Thom Gibbs


Record label: New World
Release date: 10 Feb, 2014