Fang Island – ‘Major’

Fang Island - 'Major'


The soundtrack to your favourite ’90s adolescent rom-com

Any band who take their name from genius satirical website The Onion and release soft-focus shots of themselves wearing matching shirts and staring blithely into the middle distance like the geeky table at a school prom must have a great sense of humour, right? Right. ‘Sisterly’ rushes along on eddying guitar solos and shout-sung vocals like the musical personification of an air-punch, while the chugging bass and incessant “[i]woah[/i]”s on ‘Asunder’ are devilishly infectious. The whole thing sounds like the soundtrack to your favourite ’90s adolescent rom-com. Not be the most inspiring stuff, perhaps, but it is bloody good fun.

[i]Katherine Rodgers[/i]


Record label: Sargent House
Release date: 23 Jul, 2012