Album review: Faust – ‘Faust Is Last’ – Klangbad

Album review: Faust - 'Faust Is Last' - Klangbad


Devilish daddies of krautrock fear no midlife cirsis

Now with just one original member remaining, it seems a fitting time for these krautrock legends to be releasing their final album. It’s a shame, though, because one of the founders of industrial music have still got it. The first CD here ([b]‘A’[/b]) shows off their more extreme side, with junkyard drums and obnoxious fuzzed-out guitar reminiscent of their 1973 masterpiece [b]‘The Faust Tapes’[/b]. Disc [b]‘Z’[/b], meanwhile, is more subdued – all showing their continued influence on the new breed of bands, such as [a]Factory Floor[/a]. Capturing the sound of your youth when you’re middle-aged is risky, but there’s nothing to be embarrassed about here – Faust’s legacy is safe.

[a]Tom Pinnock[/a]