Album Review: Feeder – ‘Renegades’ (Big Teeth Music)

Album Review: Feeder - 'Renegades' (Big Teeth Music)

Those that hungered for another offering from the Welsh outfit may want to eat their words

If one thing marks [a]Feeder[/a] out from other bands, it’s the distorted vocal echo they execute so… often. Beyond that it’s unfathomable how a band so ineffably naff can summon the brass neck to keep making preposterously charmless records without shame or contrition. [b]‘White Lines’[/b] judders to life with a jarring groove, though hope is soon lost as Grant Nicholas tosses off further formulaic lyrical drivel that must mean nothing to nobody. [b]‘Sentimental’[/b] is a [b]Stone Temple Pilots[/b] tribute act from Farnborough, and [b]‘This Town’[/b] is [b]‘The Time Warp’[/b] spilling [b]New Model Army[/b]’s pint at a ’90s disco. [b]‘Renegades’[/b] my ass.

[b]Jeremy Allen[/b]