Field Music – ‘Field Music Play…’

Field Music - 'Field Music Play…'


Field Music bring their brand of clever and excellent to other people's pop songs

Sunderland duo Field Music are, very slowly and without anyone really noticing, becoming national treasures. The Brewis brothers, you see, are the actual nicest men in rock (whevs, Grohl), and have built a following by writing consistently clever and excellent pop songs across their five albums. On ‘Field Music Play…’ they bring their brand of clever and excellent to other people’s pop songs. Robert Wyatt’s ‘Born Again Cretin’, the Pet Shop Boys’ ‘Rent’ and ‘Heart’ and The Beatles’ ‘Don’t Pass Me By’ (one of Ringo’s) all get the treatment. But best of all is Pink Floyd’s ‘Terrapin’, which they strip of its psychedelia and turn into complex indie-pop, and Leonard Cohen’s ‘Suzanne’, which is lifted up and away from the knowing wink of the original and into something that sounds more like unrequited love and humble Englishness. In Field Music’s hands, ‘Suzanne’ is a primary school teacher with a brilliant fringe and a long-term boyfriend. So charming.

Tom Howard