A recommendation from Kaiser Chiefs usually swings like a wrought-iron anchor around an indie band’s neck. Remember Duels? Exactly. But Copenhagen’s Figurines kick off this, their second full-length album, sounding like they could be the exception, throwing listeners a red herring in the form of porcelain-pure piano ballad opener ‘Race You’, which pads around like Antony Hegarty with added feline elegance. From there, though, it’s business as usual. While Christian Hjelm’s nee-norring toy fire engine antics on ‘All Night’ are infectious, the bones of ‘Skeleton’ are generally those dug up (still warm) and re-modelled from The Hives or Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, without being as arresting as either. The frame is there, there’s just not enough meat on the muscles of their Euro-jitter-pop. Everything is average nowadays, eh Ricky? Quite.

Greg Cochrane