Fink – ‘Hard Believer’

Fink - 'Hard Believer'


Fink's eight studio album sees musical maverick playing it safe

After emerging in the 90s as a DJ purveyor of quirky, downtempo sampletronica, the last decade has seen Fink mainman Fin Greenall reinvent himself as a chilled singer-songwriter, winning fans and collaborators in John Legend, Bon Iver and Professor Green. Sixth album ‘Hard Believer’ sticks with the formula established on third effort ‘Distance And Time’, Greenall’s smoky voice complemented by restrained guitar and dry dub rhythms. The insistent piano and flowing string arrangements on ‘Looking Too Closely’ and ‘Pilgrim’ lift the after-hours mood but stripped-back songs like ‘Keep Falling’ and the title track are as ordinary as any earnest troubadour with a Mumfords support. It’s respectable enough but a stronger dose of Fink’s maverick tendencies would be welcome.

Stuart Huggett


Record label: R'coup'd
Release date: 14 Jul, 2014