Album review: First Aid Kit – The Big Black And The Blue (Wichita)


Rich, vintage-sounding warmth from the precociously talented Swedish sisters' debut

Much has been made of the way [a]First Aid Kit[/a] – a pair of precociously talented teenage Swedish sisters – can tap into the mind of the wronged suburban housewives better than Loose Women. As curious a party piece that is, it rather overshadows their phenomenal way with gorgeous melodies and heart-melting harmonies. The evocative, lilting a capella of opener ‘[b]In The Morning[/b]’, paves the way for the ’60s swing of ‘[b]Waltz For Richard[/b]’, which comes over like a mythical [a]Joni Mitchell[/a] and [a]Carole King[/a] collaboration. While the duo’s fixation with [a]Fleet Foxes[/a] is often clear, the spry ‘[b]Sailor Song[/b]’ is proof there’s enough imagination in FAK for them to go the distance.

[b]Leonie Cooper[/b]

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