Flash Fiktion – ‘Flash Fiktion’

Flash Fiktion - 'Flash Fiktion'


Vivacious modernist glam crackers

Not that we’re ones to jump to conclusions or anything, but taking a listen to [a]Flash Fiktion[/a]’s sparkling mash-up of [a]Yeasayer[/a]-like shamanic psychtronica, machine-engineered guitars and surrealist lyrical visions, it’s hard to shake the notion their particular aesthetic has been honed via a large intake of very strong druqkz. And definitely not the best ones, either: the electro-limbo ‘Capsules Of Sun’ describes a depressed girl’s slide into heroin abuse, while the effervescent ‘Me And Mr E’ (“[i]It was nothing like the rhino/And the crystal room was liquid[/i]”) may very well be about hitting a host of strip clubs on arsenic-laced MDMA.

Luckily the melodies of tracks like ‘Leni’ (about keeping a slave in the cellar) and ‘Nautikal Girl’ (about shagging mermaids) are all vivacious modernist glam crackers, and there’s certainly enough Egyptian ELO and acid Beach Boys weirdness to ‘Science Of Sleep’ and ‘176’ respectively to keep the tower solid. Phew. Your move, [a]The Big Pink[/a].

[i]Mark Beaumont[/i]


Director: Flash Fiktion
Record label: Split
Release date: 30 Jan, 2012