Album review: Flight Of The Conchords – ‘I Told You I Was Freaky’ (Sub Pop)


Come get your sugalumps...

It’s the CD-based return of the socially inept Kiwi strummers, containing all the best songs from Series Two: [b]‘Hurt Feelings’[/b], [b]‘Sugalumps’[/b], [b]‘Friends’[/b]. Even shorn of their comedic context, the best of these tracks still have the power to rupture internal organs at 20 paces. OK, they have included [b]‘Petrov, Elena And Me’[/b], which wasn’t funny the first time, but it’s counterbalanced by an affectionate Trapped In The Closet piss-take ([b]‘We’re Both In Love’[/b]) and lush LOLsome twee-pop ([b]‘Carol Brown’[/b]). What separates this from any other comedy pastiche is the quality of the songs. Undeniably the highlight is [b]‘Too Many Dicks’[/b], especially for the blessed line “Make sure you know before you go/The dance floor bro-ho ratio”.

[b]Jamie Crossan[/b]

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