Album review: Flood Of Red – ‘Leaving Everything Behind’ (Dark City)

Album review: Flood Of Red - 'Leaving Everything Behind' (Dark City)


Life beyond screamo - it does exist

On this, their debut LP, [a]Flood Of Red[/a] have sidestepped their screamo past in favour of a more mature sound. And guess what? It’s not bad. [b]‘Leaving Everything Behind’[/b] neatly avoids the pitfalls of the group’s erstwhile genre of choice; faux-American accents are replaced by Caledonian tones, and overblown emotion is pushed to one side to make way for quiet vulnerability. Jordan Spiers’ vocals soar on [b]‘Hope Street’[/b] as he sings “This is how it feels to be a ghost inside your skin” over a combative rhythm section that yearns to break free. Not sure how Mr Weller would feel about it but, as a coming-of-age album, it’s the post-screamo Scottish ‘Town Called Malice’.

[b]Ailbhe Malone[/b]