Album review: Foreign Beggars – ‘United Colours Of Beggatron’ (Dented)

Album review: Foreign Beggars - 'United Colours Of Beggatron' (Dented)


Genre-blending grime tricksters come up with a patchwork second

[a]Foreign Beggars[/a] mangle everything from classical to death metal and have established themselves as a grime force that defies expectation. A fact proven further by the we-don’t-give-a-Diplo title of their latest album. Six years on from their lyrically accomplished and raw debut, [b]‘Asylum Speakers’[/b], have they managed to recreate its urbane freshness? Well, it’s hit and miss. At times the production feels flabby, and it’s disappointing to see them in well-trodden ‘thugs and bling’ territory. But there are also moments, such as [b]‘Contact’[/b], when their creativity and ability to surprise makes them reminiscent of mould-crushing pioneers Danger Doom.

[b]Elizabeth Sankey[/b]

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