Frankie Rose – ‘Interstellar’

Frankie Rose - 'Interstellar'


It's nice, but lacks substance

After her sterling stints in [a]Dum Dum Girls[/a] and [a]Vivian Girls[/a] you might expect something a little bubblegum, a little garage, a little psych from [a]Frankie Rose[/a]’s solo venture. Not so. The Brooklyn-based Jackie-of-all-trades’ new LP is cosmic planetarium pop: it’s 2001: A Space Odyssey with slinky shoegaze riffs and Drive score electro musings, although it is thankfully saved from severity by Rose’s fittingly floral vocals.

Yet as bloody lovely as the fluttering ‘Pair Of Wings’ and spaghetti-Western rumble of ‘Moon In My Mind’ are, there’s a certain lack of substance throughout the album which isn’t fully covered up by Rose’s elegant stoner shimmying.

[i]Leonie Cooper[/i]


Record label: Memphis Industries
Release date: 19 Mar, 2012