Album Review: Free Energy – ‘Stuck On Nothing’ (DFA/Virgin)

Album Review: Free Energy - 'Stuck On Nothing' (DFA/Virgin)


LCD Soundsystem produced, but is Murphy losing his edge?

“I was there! I was there as they laid down some cheesy T.Rex and Thin Lizzy riffs. I told them, ‘Do it that way because it’s so ironic.’ I was there!” Yes, unbelievably, these 10 tracks of slick, radio-friendly rawk were produced and mixed by [a]LCD Soundsystem[/a]’s [b]James Murphy[/b]. He’s taken the Minnesota band formerly known as [b]Hockey Night[/b] and turned them into a kind of tongue-in-cheek [b]Journey[/b]. Everyone involved is no doubt feeling very smug thinking about how Brooklyn hipsters in trucker caps will fall for it, but the reality is [b]Free Energy[/b] sound like ’90s rock berks [b]Terrorvision[/b]. It’s not all woe – [b]‘Bad Stuff’[/b] is like an FM rock [b]Pavement[/b] – but it makes us worry that Murphy might be losing his edge.

[b]Nathaniel Cramp[/b]

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