Album review: Freeland – ‘Cope™’

Album review: Freeland - 'Cope™'


DJ makes friends in the rock world

Adam Freeland’s first foray into full-band territory is a mixed affair. ‘Cope™’ sees the celebrated DJ rope in an impressive roster of friends, including Joey Santiago, Brody Dalle, Gerald Casale, Twiggy Ramirez and – why the hell not – Tommy Lee. When it works (‘Mancry’, the Dalle-sung ‘Borderline’) it’s potent enough to rival his 2003 breakbeat opus ‘We Want Your Soul’. When it doesn’t, such as on opener ‘Do You!’ and the turgid ‘Best Fish Tacos In Ensenada’ (every bit as lame as its title suggests), it sounds like the kind of crap that gets played early on at Reflex on student night. Never mind, because on ‘Morning Sun’, Freeland creates something almost as infectious as the Chems’ ‘The Private Psychedelic Reel’. No bad thing.

Matt Wilkinson

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