Album Review: Frightened Rabbit – ‘The Winter Of Mixed Drinks’ (Fat Cat)

Album Review: Frightened Rabbit - 'The Winter Of Mixed Drinks' (Fat Cat)


A stunning return from the Selkirk five-piece

Love is bullshit. So reckons [b]Chuck Palahniuk[/b], the man with the lump of coal for a heart. Once, it seemed that [b]Scott Hutchison[/b] was the [i]Fight Club[/i] author’s most fervent follower, but [b]‘The Winter Of Mixed Drinks’[/b] paints a picture of a man who, while still an emotional wreck, is suffused with sudden optimism. For every song of heartache ([b]‘Yes, I Would’[/b]) and self-loathing ([b]‘The Loneliness & The Scream’[/b]), there’s one of redemption ([b]‘Foot Shooter’[/b]) or hope ([b]’Swim Until You Can’t See Land’[/b]). The album deviates from their previous alt-folkish sensibilities: the fuzzed-up shoegazing of [b]‘Things’[/b] and the anthemic chorus of [b]‘Living In Colour’[/b] herald an exciting new bullshit-free dawn.

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