Fryars – ‘Radio PWR’ EP

Fryars - 'Radio PWR' EP


Fryar hasn't totally ironed out the playful eclecticism with the slow-burning 'Radio PWR'

When 22-year-old Ben Garrett was still a teen dreaming up albums in his bedroom, he used to spell his moniker with an ostentatious upper case Y. But for his major-label debut, the slow-burning ‘Radio PWR’, the typographical kink has been dropped. If that’s Fryars’ nod to his coming of age, we can be thankful he hasn’t totally ironed out the playful eclecticism of yore that found him famous fans in Kanye West and Depeche Mode. ‘The Power’ is psychedelic wheeze born of digital-age anxiety as he wishes for “a little IRL”, while ‘Wedding Crasher (Parts I & II)’ is a micro-epic that features Ben’s slowed-down vocals conjuring up a bizarre Stephen Hawking-goes-crunk lucid vision. Kooky.

Alex Hoban


Record label: 679 Recordings
Release date: 18 Oct, 2013