Album Review: Fucked Up – ‘David Comes To Life’

Album Review: Fucked Up - 'David Comes To Life'


A theatrical evolution, not for the faint hearted

Nothing lasts forever. And while hardcore aficionados will strive for redemption through [a]Fucked Up[/a]’s operatic third full-length, they’ll quickly learn that while this offering maintains the group’s bilious urgency, the Torontonian outfit are not the musicians we met back in 2008. Behold their evolution: while 2008’s [b]‘The Chemistry Of Common Life’[/b] album was drenched in religious connotations and spiritual euphemisms, this time, their rock opera about romance and death at an English lightbulb factory (seriously) is theatrics personified, taking listeners on a quest while still abiding by their precious DIY ethic.

Thanks to [b]‘The Other Shoe’[/b] and [b]‘The Recursive Girl’[/b], no longer can we throw the usual old adjectives at [a]Fucked Up[/a] and declare them just another testimony to punk rock’s penchant for rapture; their diverse, dimensional and multi-layered tale of love lost, found and endured reflects a band defined by tumultuous relations and the evolution of their fanbase. We dare you to hold them back.

Anne T Donahue

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