Fucked Up – ‘Year Of The Hare’

Fucked Up - 'Year Of The Hare'


The seventh record in the hardcore band's Zodiac series is an experiment that pays off

Since 2006’s ‘Year Of The Dog’, Fucked Up have released seven Chinese Zodiac-themed EPs that sound almost nothing alike. If the A-sides share one thing in common, however, it’s in providing the Canadian hardcore sextet a lengthy window of opportunity to take risks. What makes ‘Year Of The Hare’ special is the way it threads together a suite of segments highlighting Fucked Up’s strengths: off-kilter arrangements, fluid instrumental passages and plenty of experimental side-steps. The 22-minute title track unfolds like a storm, spread across expertly balanced bursts and lulls. It’s in the contrast between frontman Damien ‘Pink Eyes’ Abraham’s raspy scream and sultry guest singer Isla Craig, the gradual blending of musique concrète into sweeping guitar crescendos. Though B-side ‘California Cold’ feels more compact and less intricate, its own pairing (sax-loaded rock dissipating into droning synthesizer) proves hypnotic nonetheless. Being adventurous can often mean over-reaching but, in this case, the production turns familiar elements into one of Fucked Up’s most intriguing recordings yet.

Cian Traynor


Director: Mike Haliechuk, Bill Skibbe, Leon Taheny
Record label: Deathwish
Release date: 16 Jun, 2015