Album review: Fuckpony – ‘Let The Love Flow’ (BPitch Control)

Album review: Fuckpony - 'Let The Love Flow' (BPitch Control)


One electro-filly that puts its money where its nosebag is

When you’ve got as much to say as Jay ‘Fuckpony’ Haze does about the limited creative ambition of much current house and techno; when you consider your own music a quasi-political force – he gave his last album, ‘Love & Beyond’, away for free – you’d better deliver. Otherwise, you just look like a mouthy twonk. Happily, this, the Berlin-based American’s second Fuckpony album, is deeply special. Warm, abstract, sleek modern house music, with a pronounced pop sensibility, it sounds brilliantly torn between the jacking delirium of Heidi’s Radio 1 show and the sweet machine soul of Hot Chip’s ‘The Warning’. A gift horse that’s more than just mouth.

[b]Tony Naylor[/b]

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