Funeral For A Friend – ‘Conduit’

Funeral For A Friend - 'Conduit'


The Bridgend quintet revisit their thrashy roots

Frontrunners in South Wales’ turn-of-the-century emo boom, Funeral For A Friend were pioneers of that dual-vocal style where one guy sings tearfully about heartbreak while another growls like he’s trying to dislodge a particularly stubborn bit of phlegm. Following a mid-noughties turn into melodic alt-rock, ‘Conduit’ finds the Bridgend quintet revisiting their thrashy roots. There’s an agreeable heft to ‘The Distance’, a very Funeral melding of nagging heaviness and yearning melody. But the departure of backing vocalist Ryan Richards robs the band of one of their dimensions, and come the lunk-headed thrash of ‘Grey’ you’re left wondering if this renewed heaviness is there to paper over a lack of ideas.

Louis Pattison