Album review: Fyfe Dangerfield – Fly Yellow Moon (Geffen)

Album review: Fyfe Dangerfield - Fly Yellow Moon (Geffen)


Guillemot goes it alone to lose the musical quirks of his former band

Let’s face it, when you are already the frontman of a minorly successful band – in Fyfe’s case, epic pop buskers [a]Guillemots[/a] – there are only two possible reasons for making a solo album. 1) The rest of the band aren’t feeling your new passion for Tuvan throat singing. Or 2) Fuck those losers, you’ve got more chance of being a massive pop star without them. As ‘[b]Fly Yellow Moon[/b]’ sounds like [a]Guillemots[/a] with all the wonky bits weeded out, you can only conclude that it’s the latter. String-drenched stomper ‘[b]She Needs Me[/b]’ is a blatant bid for the charts – swap Fyfe’s voice for [a]Ronan Keating[/a]’s and you’d be none the wiser. The ‘[b]Ocean Rain[/b]’-style title track is a winner, but otherwise you might as well be listening to [a]David Gray[/a].

[b]Sam Richards[/b]

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