GAGGLE – ‘From The Mouth Of The Cave’

GAGGLE - 'From The Mouth Of The Cave'


Too preachy to be enjoyable

Opening with something that sounds like a washing machine slow cycle, Gaggle’s full-length debut revels in its own weirdness. Sometimes, as on ‘Army Of Birds’’ bonkers Salt’N’Pepa sass, it works. But mostly their kooky feminist shtick is so heavy-handed (‘Liar’, for example, is essentially a chant about punishing men for cheating – *eyeball roll*) you just want to switch them off and blare out some Guns N’ Roses. A number of Gaggle will own literature by Germaine Greer. They will have at some point been described as ‘quirky’. They will talk openly about their menstrual cycles with no embarrassment. Everyone else will inwardly sigh.

[i]Lisa Wright[/i]


Director: Jim Anderson
Record label: Transgressive
Release date: 25 Jun, 2012