Album Review: Gang Of Four – Content (Groenland)

Album Review: Gang Of Four - Content (Groenland)

Their first album for 16 years sounds curiously retrograde

As Marxist post-punks from Leeds, [a]Gang Of Four[/a]’s position as one of the most influential bands of the 21st century is an unlikely one. It also means that their first album for 16 years (only singer [b]Jon King[/b] and guitarist [b]Andy Gill[/b] remain from the band formed in 1978) sounds curiously retrograde – newcomers might just wonder why these old dudes are ripping off [a]Bloc Party[/a]. Still, there’s nothing old-fashioned about the perceptiveness and rage of their lyrics, while a £45 limited-edition version of the album comes complete with plastic sachets of King and Gill’s actual blood – so any young bucks wanting to recreate the GO4 sound can now do so from their musical one.

[b]Pat Long[/b]

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8 out of 10