Album Review: Ganglians – ‘Monster Head Room’ (Souterrain Transmissions)

Album Review: Ganglians - 'Monster Head Room' (Souterrain Transmissions)


Giving us a puppy love crush that'll take us some time to get over

If [b]Girls[/b] hadn’t been raised in a dodgy cult but instead enjoyed a happy and wholesome childhood making daisy chains, they might make music as gently psychy and sunbleached as [b]Ganglians[/b]. With [a]Grizzly Bear[/a]’s knack for a ghostly harmony but none of their worldly care, [b]‘Monster Head Room’[/b] has us skipping down the road in glee, warm and full of nostalgia for carefree summer days. Life probably always feels like this if you’re from Sacramento. Bastards. [b]‘Lost Words’[/b]’ teeth-hurty sweet guitar and gently swinging rhythm and [b]‘Candy Girl’[/b]’s cute as a button ghost doo-wop are a puppy love crush it’ll take us some time to get over.

[b]Emily Mackay[/b]

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