Gay For Johnny Depp: ‘The Politics Of Cruelty’


'Perfect stocking-stuffer for your favourite undead nymphomaniac'

Sample song title: ‘Cumpassion’. Sample lyric: “Like fisting without lubricant/ It’s fun to watch you bleed”. And a press release (written as a fan-letter to Depp) that includes the phrase “I belched cum and asshole all the way home.” If any band are a dire omen that we’re sleepwalking into another Sodom and Gomorrah, it’s New York’s Gay For Johnny Depp, who write minute-and-a-half songs about sodomising Depp into a bloody pulp. Mostly. Their others are about being gang-raped by US Marines. As with fellow kings of uneasy listening The Blood Brothers, you’ll be needing a strong constitution here – but once you attune yourself to Marty Leopard’s adenoid yelp, it’s clear they’re spinning the blackest bile into doubly shiny gold. All said, it’ll make the perfect stocking-stuffer for your favourite undead nymphomaniac this holiday season.

Mike Sterry