Album Review: Gazelle Twin – ‘The Entire City’

Album Review: Gazelle Twin - 'The Entire City'


Art-pop triumph

Props to [b]Gazelle Twin[/b], alias Elizabeth Walling, for dispelling the myth that costumed popsters are destined to set up shop, suckle the drooping teat of gimmickry and leave, empty-handed, -brained and -souled. On stage, Walling becomes a sexually ambiguous, Max Ernst-inspired creature of the night, whose wildly unhinged moans sound like [a]Fever Ray[/a] joining hands with [a]These New Puritans[/a] at winter solstice and cavorting round a totem pole.

From choral chill ([b]’Concrete Mother'[/b], every inch the loveless monolith its title suggests), to jittery [b]’Hail To The Thief'[/b]-era [a]Radiohead[/a] malaise ([b]‘Men Like Gods[/b]’), it’s a triumph of art-pop splendour – equal parts terror and temerity.

Jazz Monroe

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