Gazelle Twin – ‘Unflesh’


Masked and hooded musician buries her identity in dense and discomfiting compositions

As Gazelle Twin, Brighton electronic musician Elizabeth Bernholz keeps her face disguised by masks and hoods. The diced and pitch-shifted vocals that characterise her music bury her identity further. Having explored the urban environment with 2011 debut ‘The Entire City’, dense follow-up ‘Unflesh’ sees Bernholz turn her attention on the body. Gasping and pulsing, ‘Belly Of The Beast’ and ‘Exorcise’ are intense workouts of blood and breath. The intimacy is at its rawest with sparse lullaby ‘Premonition’’s portrait of a miscarriage (“No eyes, no fingers/I will find you sleeping on ice”). Although inescapably discomfiting, the music’s complex textures keep the listener snared.

Stuart Huggett


Record label: Anti-Ghost Moon Ray
Release date: 22 Sep, 2014