Album Review: Gem Club – ‘Breakers’

Album Review: Gem Club - 'Breakers'


A layered and considered record

Consisting of only nine tracks and running for just under 40 minutes, [a]Gem Club[/a]’s debut is a delicate and brief record, but also one that’s more layered and considered than their initial EP, ‘[b]Acid And Everything[/b]’. There are traces of [a]Sufjan Stevens[/a], for sure, but this Massachusetts duo have more in common with [a]Low[/a] or [b]Sigur Rós[/b] (the former for the drones, the latter for the harmonies). ‘[b]I Heard The Party[/b]’ is the stand-out track, mournful and church-like, Ieva Berberian’s tender harmonies winding around vocalist Christopher Barnes’ tones, as they despondently claim that “I heard that party’s here”. It’s crystallised, but the light shines through.

[i]Ailbhe Malone[/i]


Record label: Hardly Art
Release date: 27 Sep, 2011