Album Review: General Fiasco – ‘Buildings’ (Infectious)

Album Review: General Fiasco - 'Buildings' (Infectious)


More filler for the landfill indie gravy train

Listening to their debut, it’s not hard to work out why this Northern Irish trio have become the tour support du jour for lad-rock bands: it ensures the headliners aren’t blown offstage. They’re [a]The Enemy[/a] minus the political bite ([b]‘I’m Not Eyes’[/b]), [a]The Pigeon Detectives[/a] with their goon-pop fun beaten out ([b]‘Dancing With Girls’[/b]), One Night fucking Only sleepwalking through some shit B-side ([b]‘Talk To My Friends’[/b]). [b]‘Buildings’[/b] is standard beer-tin-for-a-head stuff – low IQ hooks, lowest-common-denominator lyrics about getting pissed, guitars tuned to ‘instantly forgettable’. Most depressing of all? It’s a full two years too late for the landfill indie gravy train. Enjoy your six months partying like it’s 2008, lads.

[b]Rick Martin[/b]