Album review: Gentleman Reg

Album review: Gentleman Reg

Jet Black

Facts about this album:

* Gentleman Reg is the stage name of Canadian Reg Vermue

* ‘Jet Black’ is his third album.

Album review:

It’s no surprise to learn that Gentleman Reg’s live CV includes stints with new paymasters Broken Social Scene (Arts & Crafts is their label, of course) and The Hidden Cameras. Reg Vermue’s is subtle, well-crafted guitar-pop in the vein of the latter, but with all the layered busyness of the former. It never quite reaches the heights of either, though, save for ‘We’re In A Thunderstorm’, a perfectly arranged marriage of frenetic techno beat and Antony-ish lament. Elsewhere, opener ‘Coastline’ channels Of Montreal’s idiosyncratic glam-pop, and ‘Rewind’ reminds us why we miss Joy Zipper, but it all just cries out for a little more oomph. Gentleman by name, gentle man by nature, then… and we all know nice guys finish last.


Rob Webb

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