Gerry Mitchell & Little Sparta

Gerry Mitchell & Little Sparta


The Ragged Garden

Recited poetry and music should never ally. Ordinarily, we’d rather brush our teeth with urinal cake. Yet this prose-pop collaboration between Scot rhapsodist Gerry Mitchell and London mobsters Little Sparta makes for passable listening. Elegant, waning violins and craggy folkisms come duffle-coated by Mitchell’s rich, been-there-swigged-that Highland tones, guiding us through tales of stolen identity (‘Murder Mystery’) and torture (‘The Empress’) like illuminated lily pads. Not unpleasantly, it’s like spending 50 minutes in a Hovis advert – weaving a disproportionate bicycle down a cobbled street delivering baps. But darker.

Mitchell’s MySpace declares, “Get in touch… to try a collaboration.” We’re game, but Lethal Bizzle’s probably beaten us to it.

Greg Cochrane