Album Review: The Ghost Of A Thousand – ‘New Hopes, New Demonstrations’

Album Review: The Ghost Of A Thousand - 'New Hopes, New Demonstrations'


Corporate hardcore? We'll have two, please

Say what you want about Gallows, but signing to a major has certainly helped shine a spotlight on the scene of function-room rock from which they came. There was a time where records like this Brighton lot’s second would have been chased from the NME stereo in the way angry villagers set upon Dr Frankenstein’s house with pitchforks. Now a gateway has been forged into this once insular scene, it means folk who’ve never taken out a subscription to Maximum Rocknroll have the option to buy The Ghost Of A Thousand’s gothy thrash instead of The Pigeon Detectives. And whatever holier than thou qualms you might have about the dissolution of hardcore, there’s nothing more punk rock than that…

James McMahon

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