Ghostface Killah – ‘Twelve Reasons To Die’

Ghostface Killah - 'Twelve Reasons To Die'


Wu-Tang man soundtracks an imaginary '60s Italian-styled horror film

The Wu-Tang Clan veteran has clearly found a new sonic chum in composer Adrian Younge, not least because his obsessions – Ennio Morricone, spaghetti schlock, baroque instrumentation – aren’t a million miles away from Ghostface’s previous sonic chum RZA. The rapper’s 12th album is billed as companion music to a ’60s Italian-styled horror film and it sounds like it, all harpsichords and sepulchral organs, eerie lady vocals and reverb-soaked guitars. Ghostface calls upon most of the remaining Clan members, switches the formula occasionally and hey presto, yet another minor Wu-Tang classic 20 years on from their debut.

Pete Cashmore


Record label: Soul Temple
Release date: 29 Apr, 2013