Album Review: Ghosts On Pegasus Bridge


The Darkest Shore

Facts about this album;

Ghosts On Pegasus Bridge are from Southampton.

Ghosts On Pegasus Bridge were so upset when a hacker deleted their MySpace account at the start of the year that they considered ending the band.

‘The Darkest Shore’ follows GOPB’s ‘From Graves To Grace’ EP

Album review:

Emo word association number 87: ‘epic-core’. That’s the phrase Ghosts On Pegasus Bridge’s press release credits them with coining. It hardly sounds like a moment comparable with Robert Johnson shaking hands with the devil but it’s not, on the evidence of these south coast whippets’ debut mini-album, a bad idea either. Hotly-tipped as heirs to the FFAF and Lostprophets crossover crown, they fuse the piledriving pop whine of those bands (‘This Is Crisis’) with the same kinds of melodramatics as Coheed And Cambria (‘Towers’). At their best, as on ‘Anchors’, they do both. Exhilarating as it is, things are only saved from getting a bit much by the fact there’s only six tracks to begin with.

Dan Martin