Album Review: Giant Sand – Blurry Blue Mountain (Fire)

Album Review: Giant Sand - Blurry Blue Mountain (Fire)

The music is warm and enveloping

[b]Howe Gelb[/b], the long-term brains behind Arizona’s screwy country hybridists [a]Giant Sand[/a], has been releasing records for 30 years in myriad guises: only [b]Stewart Lee[/b] will ever own all of them (citation needed – he is an überfan, though). Enjoying the sort of breakout-eluding cult existence typified by the side-project – mariachi aces [a]Calexico[/a] – becoming bigger than the main deal, first impressions of [a]Giant Sand[/a] can seem forbidding. The actual music on [b]‘Blurry Blue Mountain’[/b], however, is warm and enveloping. Tales of outlaw country life ([b]‘Thin Line Man’[/b]) rub against treacly jazz oddities, twangy stomps and Gelb’s ‘life works itself out’ lyrical philosophy.

[b]Noel Gardner[/b]

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