Album Review: Givers – ‘In Light’

Album Review: Givers - 'In Light'


Most of their songs sound like 'Generator' by The Holloways

Afrobeat-loving Louisiana five-piece [a]Givers[/a] formed after a series of 24-hour jam sessions and a spell in an improv covers band. While their love of premeditated spontaneity might be admirable in jazzier quarters, in reality it means that almost every song on their debut is marred by sudden changes in time signature, key and genre. As they’re probably high-fiving that they all just ‘sensed’ what should happen next, you’re left wondering where your song went. But even if you give them the benefit of the doubt and accept that having five middle-eights was intentional, it’s still hard to get past the fact the most of their songs sound like reworks of ‘[b]Generator[/b]’ by [a]The Holloways[/a].

[i]Sam Wolfson[/i]


Director: Ben Allen
Record label: Island
Release date: 10 Oct, 2011