Album Review: Glasser – Ring (True Panther Sounds)

Album Review: Glasser - Ring (True Panther Sounds)


Embodying slivers of post-punk, gothic ambience and digital sheen, Glasser rises beyond her peers with an emotional, melodic offering

It’s a shame ‘witch house’ is already taken, because, as a handle that suggests a potent, enchanting fusion of seductive gothic atmosphere with digital chill, it’d be better suited to the work of LA’s [b]Cameron Mesirow[/b] than the oppressive drag of Salem et al. The likes of the high-priestess menace

of [b]‘Apply’[/b], in which an lustrously aloof Mesirow admonishes, [i]“If the walls were too thin/You would break right in”[/i], and the gently lurching 21st century spiritual of [b]‘Glad’[/b], are, like fellow dark ladies [a]Warpaint[/a] and [a]Effi Briest[/a], informed by bleak post-punk moods and tribal echoes. Here, though, they’re cleansed in a crisp, modern starkness that’s closer to [a]Telepathe[/a], [a]Zola Jesus[/a] or [a]Fever Ray[/a]. But, despite forbiddingly minimal song titles like [b]‘T’[/b] and [b]‘Plane Temp’[/b], [a]Glasser[/a]’s glowing debut offers more melodic and emotional consummation than almost any of her peers can muster, poised in a genuinely transcendent golden balance between the stern, the spacious and the gaudily sparkling. A very precious ‘Ring’ indeed.

[b]Emily Mackay[/b]

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