Glitterbug – ‘Dust’

Glitterbug - 'Dust'


Headphone-friendly techno in tribute to late director Derek Jarman

Till Rohmann’s production alias is a reference to Glitterbug, Derek Jarman’s final film, put together as a tribute by friends after the director’s death. When considering ‘Dust’, the fourth Glitterbug album, this is key information – without it, it seems a deeply odd moniker for the German’s immersive, borderline dour, headphone-friendly techno. Typically running on sparse, strung-out rhythms and grainy synths, it’s sometimes akin to single-minded cult dance figures like Actress or Andy Stott; but Glitterbug tends to show even less concern for the niceties of the dancefloor, the relatively upbeat chugger ‘1st Of July’ being an exception to this rule. Released in the UK on Gold Panda’s label, the two artists proclaim a deep mutual appreciation – as long as listeners don’t expect GP’s effervescent pop nous, ‘Dust’ may reward their patience.

Noel Gardner


Record label: Notown
Release date: 09 Jun, 2014