Gold Panda – ‘Half Of Where You Live’

Gold Panda - 'Half Of Where You Live'


The album that should see him make his well-deserved and long awaited breakthrough

Gold Panda returns in majestic form on this, the follow up to his 2010 stunner ‘Lucky Shiner’. ‘Half Of Where You Live’ sees the Essex-born producer continue his policy of taking samples from different lands and cultures and weaving them together into something approaching a unique globetrotters handbook. ‘Brazil’, inspired by $35 cocktails and the slums of São Paulo, chimes in with a repetitive, looped vocal over skittering beats, while ‘Community’ ups the BPM and creates the album’s highlight in the process. Elsewhere, ‘An English House’ exemplifies Gold Panda’s subtle use of melody and tone while ‘Flinton’ is reminiscent of debut album cut ‘You’. Warm, thoughtful and special, ‘Half Of Where You Live’ furthers Gold Panda’s winning streak, impressing at every juncture and moving its creator further toward the light. Surely this is the album that will see him make his well-deserved and long awaited breakthrough.

David Renshaw


Record label: Ghostly International
Release date: 10 Jun, 2013