Goldheart Assembly – ‘Long Distance Song Effects’

Goldheart Assembly - 'Long Distance Song Effects'


Although there's depth and variety, they won't be the next Mumford and Sons

Around the time Mumford & Sons started fiddling their way to public approval, London five-piece Goldheart Assembly were also treading a folk-tinged path. The former have risen to Glastonbury-headlining levels of fame, and it’d be a shame if this second album didn’t send GA on a similar trajectory. Cannoning between warm-hearted Band Of Horses-isms (‘The Idiot’), soaring harmonies (‘Billy In The Lowground’) and lighters-aloft choruses built for festival dusk (‘Sad Sad Stage’), the quintet deliver a sincere emotional punch. There’s a depth and variety the Mumfords can only dream of, yet ‘Long Distance…’ will be lucky to tickle the Top 100.

Lisa Wright


Record label: New Music Club
Release date: 01 Jul, 2013