Album Review: Good Charlotte – Cardiology (Polydor)

Album Review: Good Charlotte - Cardiology (Polydor)


Monstrously offensive record which doesn't really deserve your time/money/ears

Whoa! A quick glance at the tracklisting for ‘[b]Cardiology[/b]’ suggests [a]Good Charlotte[/a] might have started covering [a]The Smashing Pumpkins[/a] (‘[b]1979[/b]’) and [b]The La[/b]’s (‘[b]There She Goes[/b]’). Which is, if not downright creepy, then just a little bit beguiling. But no, both songs are stone-cold Madden originals. Booo! If you like your rock’n’roll played by four fat talentless fucks and [a]Morrissey[/a]’s old drummer Dean Butterworth (seriously, wtf?!), then… oh just sod off, yeah? Disgustingly derivative and Pro Tooled to the max, ‘[b]Cardiology[/b]’ is monstrously offensive – the latest shit-streak by music’s laziest sons. But seriously, what did you expect? Amazing indie covers?

[b]Matt Wilkinson[/b]