Good Charlotte


Good Morning Revival

‘Dance Floor Anthem’, ‘Broken Hearts Parade’, ‘Misery’. It might be all the rage for supermarkets to label their products, but for effectively posting their latest album’s nutritional content in the form of a tracklisting, Good Charlotte should be praised. Just imagine: a world where you can walk into HMV, pick up a CD, and read exactly what you’re going to get out of it on the reverse cover. But despite their claims of a complete reinvention, and of ignoring the bandwagoning Panic! At The Disco cod-electro bits, this is still unmistakably Good Charlotte: vile, goth-jock pop with all the wit and nuance of a urine-soaked sock. Infectious, irritating, discoloured; Good Charlotte have all the makings of a fantastic venereal disease. ‘Good Morning Revival’ then: it’s like chlamydia for your ears.

Mike Sterry