Album Review: Goose – Synrise (!K7)

Album Review: Goose - Synrise (!K7)


The drone of Belgium's dragging synths

In which [a]Goose[/a], Belgium’s unasked-for answer to [a]Fischerspooner[/a], return with eyeliner still intact, a half-snorted popper bottle dangling from their left nostril and a rather worn VHS copy of [i]Liquid Sky[/i].

Another attempt at raising the corpse of electroclash from its garish tomb is grim enough without continuing to mine the last of the DFA synths initially stolen for 2006 debut [b]‘Bring It On’[/b].

Thus, finding little to update an already antiquated sound, their juddering electronics and barking vocals instead percolate [b]‘Synrise’[/b] with all the majesty of an amphetamine-fuelled comedown, [b]‘After’[/b] proving a particularly finger-gnawing experience. Electrotrash.

[b]Simon Jay Catling[/b]


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