Album review: Grand Duchy

Album review: Grand Duchy


Petits Fours

Facts about this album:

Frank Black and Violet Clark named Grand Duchy after the term for a territory ruled by a Grand Duke or Grand Duchess.

Frank Black also recently produced Art Brut’s forthcoming album Art Brut Vs Satan

The album ‘Petits Fours’ is named after a type of small cake

Album review:

“Come on over to my house/I’ll make you buckets of tea” runs opener ‘Come On Over To My House’. No, the little bald fella from the Tetley adverts hasn’t ventured into songwriting, but Black Francis has brewed up a pretty thirst-quenching prospect with ‘Petits Fours’, the debut album from this new venture with his wife. From the Pixies to the Catholics, there’s always been an air of experimentalism surrounding Francis and, as on ‘Black Suit’, it’s still good to loosen the weird belt in 2009. This nine-song release is, if anything, too short. On ‘Seeing Stars’ Violet Clark’s voice is everything ace about Nina Gordon’s romantic moments, and sits pretty on grungy bass and Pixies guitars. Another cuppa anyone?

Kelly Murray