Album review: Grass Widow – ‘Past Time’ (Kill Rock Stars)

Album review: Grass Widow - 'Past Time' (Kill Rock Stars)


Wannabe riot grrrls fail to live up to their revolutionary promises

Lots of the original riot grrrls are now Real Adults with mortgages and stretch marks, so it’s awesome to read that Hannah, Raven and Lillian want to kick-start an intelligent new ladycentric movement. [b]‘Uncertain Memory’[/b] couldn’t do their intention greater justice if it went round routinely torching the last gaudy vestiges of Girl Power: their cute atonal harmonies sound like [a]Deerhoof[/a]’s [b]Satomi Matsuzaki[/b] fronting [a]The Long Blondes[/a] with [a]Sleater-Kinney[/a]’s blood fresh rawness. The only problem is, so does the entire album. Sure, there’s the odd thoughtful spot of violin, like on [b]‘Give Me Shapes’[/b], but the record’s relentless rawness eventually bleeds into a murky burble.

[b]Laura Snapes[/b]

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