Gravenhurst – ‘The Ghost In Daylight’

Gravenhurst - 'The Ghost In Daylight'


Bittersweet with his signature spook

Nick Talbot, aka Gravenhurst, is not a guy for parties. Buzzkill subjects abound on his fourth record: the emptiness of the past; photos of murdered girls; the catastrophically high price of Big Macs. OK, perhaps not the last one, but Talbot could ruminate on that and still make it sound like

a bittersweet trip to your ruined hometown with his signature spook. Much of this record plays like a tribute to ’90s miserabilists Red House Painters, all phantom-like reverb over misleadingly comforting folk tropes. Meandering drum machine excursion ‘Islands’ changes things up, but the soaring orchestral climax of ‘The Prize’ is the clear highlight.

Thom Gibbs


Director: Nick Talbot
Record label: Warp
Release date: 30 Apr, 2012