Album Review: Gregory And The Hawk – Leche (Fatcat)

Album Review: Gregory And The Hawk - Leche (Fatcat)


Haunted, child-like music riddled with eerie melodies that leans dangerously close to tweeness in places

[a]Gregory And The Hawk[/a], aka [b]Meredith Godreau[/b], is the [a]Nick Drake[/a] of living people. Her third album continues her journey into spectral, haunted, child-like music, getting ever eerier as she perfects winding your brain round her sweet melodies like a music-box. Sure the likes of ‘[b]Olly Olly Oxen Free[/b]’ may verge on tweeness, but the mournful string arrangements give her songs an odd feel which undercuts any queasiness. ‘[b]A Century Is All We Need[/b]’ is delicate but raw, ‘[b]Leaves[/b]’ has a harder edge – well, as hard as you can be on a mandolin – and you’re left with the sense that [b]Elliott Smith[/b] may be gone but there’s still some bruised poets carrying his torch.

[b]Martin Robinson[/b]