Album Review: Grimes – ‘Geidi Primes’

Album Review: Grimes – ‘Geidi Primes'


A perfect blend of oriental pop, chillwave and post-rock

Despite the esoteric veneer of this bedroom-born debut, [a]Grimes[/a] (aka Claire Boucher) has packed [b]‘Geidi Primes’[/b] with enough ideas to make for an instantly accessible and intimate listen. Blending genres like paints on a palette, the Montreal-based artist’s chameleonic approach sees her switch between oriental pop (‘[b]Sardaukar Levenbrech[/b]’), chillwave ([b]‘Zoal, Face Dancer’[/b]), and post-rock ([b]‘Venus In Fleurs’[/b]) with attentive ease. But it’s tracks like ‘[b]Feyd Rautha Dark Heart[/b]’ and ‘[b]Avi[/b]’, where the 22-year-old cavorts in a similarly dark and beat-driven vein to [a]Zola Jesus[/a] and [a]Austra[/a], that [a]Grimes[/a]’ celestial vocal and her ear for a hook really draw you in.

Thomas A Ward