Album Review: Groove Armada – ‘Black Light’ (Work It Out/Cooking Vinyl)

Album Review: Groove Armada - 'Black Light' (Work It Out/Cooking Vinyl)


A pleasant surprise from the musical equivalent of 'playing it safe'

[b]Groove Armada[/b] have always been a bit of a ‘default setting’ act cherished by those who can’t be arsed to get out there and dig. Favourite football team? Manchester United. Favourite meal? Spag bol. Favourite dance act? [b]Groove Armada[/b] ([b]Basement Jaxx[/b] are a bit too ‘out there’ for our liking). So it’s a pleasant surprise to report that [b]‘Black Light’[/b] is fulfillingly dark disco, as if [a]Massive Attack[/a] had made [b]‘Protection’[/b] with Giorgio Moroder on the mixing desk – you will not see baby shaking that ass on here. If anything, on the likes of [b]‘Warsaw’[/b] and [b]‘Cards To Your Heart’[/b], it gets too dark, but there’s enough funk in their trunk to ensure that the coffee table crowd won’t be too terrified. Who’dathunk?

[b]Pete Cashmore[/b]

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